Thinning of the ozone layer may lead to more skin diseases

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Causes and Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion That are Painfully True

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Ozone depletion

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SkinCity, empowered with SafeLIPO, is a dermatological centre of excellence for fat transfer. Climate change linked to ozone loss: May result in more skin cancer climate change and depletion of the ozone layer over the US could allow more damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation to reach.

An increase in the levels of UV-B reaching the Earth as a result of ozone depletion may compound the effects of spending more time in the Sun.

Montreal Protocol

According to some estimates a sustained 10% global loss of ozone may lead to a 26% increase in the incidence of skin cancers among fair skinned people.

Thinning of the ozone layer may lead to more skin diseases
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