The more we communicate the less we really say

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Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal communication

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Recent statistics say that cell phones are now being used more frequently for data (e.g., texting, web surfing) than for phone calls.

This has led me to think more and more about trends in interpersonal communication in general. Until recently, almost all communication was face-to-face. In general, we use fewer words when we are really clear in our knowledge and understanding of both the subject and the audience.

People tend to ramble on and on when they have a less clear grasp of both. Few, if any, producers can boast a body of work that matches that of Rick Rubin in terms of variety, influence and substance. First as co-founder of Def Jam Records inthen in his role as head of American Recordings, Rubin has produced some of the most important albums of the past 20 years.

The more we communicate, the less we really say When you think of communication, what methods first come to your mind? Texting is the most frequently used form of communication among Americans younger than Texting drops off significantly after age 50, and is.

Dec 09,  · That's only true if you're not communicating right. If you're communicating right, then you will say all there is to say.

Communication consists of many things including, but not limited to, speech, written words, visual elements, and Open.

The more we communicate the less we really say
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