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Soil salinity control

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Essay on Irrigation

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Essay on Irrigation

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salinity level in the irrigation water is mS m-1, while the tolerable EC level of water draining from the root zone is mS m (i) Determine the leaching requirement. ASM/SWES / Irrigation Principles and Management.

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The Leaching Requirement During Irrigation Essay - The Leaching Requirement During Irrigation The leaching of soluble salts from the plant rooting zone is a pivotal concern when irrigating cropland. This effect can be exploited in practice by performing intermediate solid-liquid separation steps during leaching to remove high-grade gold solutions, and rediluting the solids in the remaining slurry with lower-grade leach solution and/or with freshwater plus reagents.

The Leaching Requirement During Irrigation The leaching of soluble salts from the plant rooting zone is a pivotal concern when irrigating cropland. Irrigation water is used to maintain crop productivity, so drought conditions need not occur to induce irrigation measures.

Leaching model (soil) The leaching requirement during irrigation essay
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Essay on Irrigation