The confederate flag essay

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Where Should the Confederate Flag Be Flown?

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The Confederate flag’s defenders often claim it represents “heritage not hate.” I agree—the heritage of white supremacy was not so much birthed by hate as by the impulse toward plunder. The Confederate Flag is a demoralizing symbol to many African Americans in the United States.

To a number of African Americans, this flag is a symbol of slavery and the domination whites had over slaves during the time of the civil war/5(1).

Within the United States of America, arguments, involving the Confederate Flag, are solved every sngle day. However, some controversies have managed to carry on from the ’s until present day without any solution. - Flag Essay The Flag Essay—What It Represents The flag of the United States is very important to the citizens of the United States and their afflicted nations.

The patchwork of stars and stripes gave relief to many, hope to even more, and a. The Confederate Flag of the CSS Virginia: The Stars and Bars were the first official flag of the Confederacy.

The Confederate Flag - Essay Example

Although a striking likeness is shared between this flag and to the Union’s “Stars and Stripes,” the symbols are representations of two nations at war; two very different places and mindsets.

A poem titled ‘I am the confederate flag of America by Jeff Mc Clesse quoted in Johny represents the views of the flag’s proponents - Confederate Flag Essay introduction. The poem says that the flag came into being in the year and it represents all the Americans of all races.

The confederate flag essay
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Project MUSE - The Confederate Flag and the Meaning of Southern History