The black plague the deadliest disease in the history of mankind

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The 10 Deadliest Diseases

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Once there was Plague which was considered deadliest disease worldwide with the discovery of antibiotics, status was a time when Smallpox was considered to be deadliest disease worldwide but thanks to vaccination again mankind eradicated that horrible disease.

"The Black Plague" The Black Plague was one of the worst and deadliest diseases known to man in the history of the world. The Plague originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout Europe killing more than one hundred thirty seven million people. Early treatments for the Plague. Jan 18,  · The Black Death (also known as The Black Plague or Bubonic Plague), was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, widely thought to have been caused by a bacterium named Yersinia pestis (Plague), but recently attributed by some to other diseases.

The origins of the plague are disputed among scholars. Most infamous of all was the Black Death, a medieval pandemic that swept through Asia and Europe. It reached Europe in the late s, killing an estimated 25 million people.


It reached Europe in the late s, killing an estimated 25 million people. The Black Death, or The Black Plague, was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history.

It began in South-western or Central Asia and spread to Europe by the late s. The total number of deaths worldwide from the pandemic is estimated at 75 million people;. A plague so devastating that simply saying “The Plague” will immediately pull it to the front of your mind, in the middle of the 14th century—from to —the Black Death remade the .

The black plague the deadliest disease in the history of mankind
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