Photo essay dogs in the military

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Officials outline adoption process for military working dogs

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Military dog handlers and their K-9s participate in an exercise here March 4.

War Dog II

The exercise is designed to build trust, loyalty and teamwork between the handlers and their dogs. View the slideshow. Poisoned Pets | Pet Food Safety News. Home; Blog; Pet Food News.

Pet Food Ingredients; Pet Food Contaminants; Military Working Dogs: A Photo Journal During my research of Military Working Dogs in the United States and the Puppy Breeding Program at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas I collected a number of.

Photo Essays: Fierce protectors: Military dogs and their handlers often form deep bonds -- it's an essential part of the canine-handler relationship that is.

Gas attack on the West Front, near St. Quentin —a German messenger dog loosed by his handler. Dogs were used throughout the war as sentries, scouts, rescuers, messengers, and more.

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Photo essay dogs in the military
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War Dog II – Foreign Policy