An analysis of the topic of justice and the discussion on distributive justice by walzer

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Robert Nozick

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John Rawls

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Distributive Justice

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These interventions are also called “armed. Western Theories of Justice. Justice is one of the most important moral and political concepts. The word comes from the Latin jus, meaning right or law. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the “just” person as one who typically “does what is morally right” and is disposed to “giving everyone his or her due,” offering the word “fair” as a synonym.

Distributive justice usually refers to the allocation of assets, rewards, and benefits in a society. There are a large variety of approaches to social justice as distributive justice.

Retributive justice conceives a just outcome as retribution rather than as fairness or an equalizing strategy in society.

Principles of distributive justice are therefore best thought of as providing moral guidance for the political processes and structures that affect the distribution of benefits and burdens in societies, and any principles which do offer this kind of moral guidance on distribution, regardless of the terminology they employ, should be considered principles of distributive justice.

This article is concerned with social and political equality. In its prescriptive usage, ‘equality’ is a loaded and ‘highly contested’ concept.

Justice, Fairness, and Membership in a Class: Conceptual Confusions and Moral Puzzles in the Regulation of Human Subjects Research.

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An analysis of the topic of justice and the discussion on distributive justice by walzer
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Cultural Reader: Theories of Justice: Rawls, Nozick and Walzer - Summary