Adam ferguson an essay on the history of civil society 1767

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Essay on the History of Civil Society

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Adam Ferguson

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Adam Ferguson

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An Essay on the History of Civil Society

Ferguson's An Essay on the History of Civil Society () drew on classical authors and contemporary travel literature, to analyze modern commercial society with a critique of its abandonment of civic and communal virtues. Central themes in Ferguson's theory of citizenship are conflict, play, political participation and military valor.

Without the rivalship of nations, and the practice of war, civil society itself could scarcely have sound an object, or a form. Mankind might have traded without any formal convention, but they cannot be safe without a national concert.

In Adam Ferguson is chiefly remembered for the Essay on the History of Civil Society, an intellectual history that traces humanity’s progression from barbarism to social and political refinement.

In his philosophy Ferguson emphasized society as the wellspring of human morals and actions and, indeed, of the human condition itself. An Essay on the History of Civil Society by Adam Ferguson Part 1: Of the General Characteristics of Human Nature Part 2: Of the History of Rude Nations. 1 An Essay on the History of Civil Society by Adam Ferguson Part First.

Of the General Characteristics of Human Nature Section I. Of. An Essay on the History of Civil Society by Adam Ferguson Part First. Of the General Characteristics of Human Nature Section I.

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Adam ferguson an essay on the history of civil society 1767
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